Top Five Exercises to Burn Belly Fat Fast

Contrary to what most people believe, losing excess weight is not just about calories. While it is true that cutting down on calories help in getting rid of fat, this is only one side of the coin. In order to burn belly fat fast, proper eating plan must be coupled with proper exercise. Dieting without exercising only causes lean body mass to decline, which in turn slows down the metabolic rate and stores more body fat.


Enumerated below are the five most popular exercises that can help in effectively melting away belly fat.

1. Vertical Leg Crunch

Executing this exercise is comparable to performing a conventional leg crunch. The only difference is that the legs are in a vertical position, which forces the abdomen to work intensely. This exercise is done by lying on the ground with both legs perpendicular to the upper body, while knees are crossed. The hands are positioned below the head to add support. Move the shoulders away from the ground by contracting the abdomen. The legs must be in a fixed place to crunch. For best results, perform three sets with sixteen repetitions daily.

2. Exercise Ball Crunch

An exercise ball is required for this routine. By performing this, the belly is able to exert more but will still require the full body to support it in the course of the workout. To execute this, the person must lie on top of the ball with the lower part of the back completely supported. Hands shall be positioned behind the head. To raise the upper body off the exercise ball, contract the stomach muscles to pull the rib cage’s bottom part in direction of the hips. The ball must be steady as the person curls up. To stretch the abdomen, the back is to be lowered down. Three sets of sixteen repetitions must be done to burn belly fat fast.

 3. Long Arm Crunch

This exercise is derived from the conventional floor crunch. This variant is made more challenging by positioning the arms straight behind the person exercising. Doing this involves lying on a mat or straight on the floor with arms extended straight behind, keeping them fastened close to the ears. Gradually curl up and raise shoulders off the ground while maintaining the straight arms position. Do three sets of this exercise everyday.

4. Bicycle Exercise

This exercise is regarded as the most effective in achieving flat tummy and six-pack muscles. To execute this, the person shall lie on his back with hands beneath the head. The knees are to be moved towards the chest while the shoulders are lifted off the ground. Bit by bit, the person shall move his right elbow in the direction of his left knee as he simultaneously extends his right leg. The movements shall be repeated using the other side. This pedaling motion needs to be performed in three sets.

5. Chair Leg Raise

This ab exercise necessitates a chair and a sheet with cushioned arms making it possible for the legs to freely suspend. This is usually observed in fitness centers. To carry out this workout, the person shall stand on the chair with hand gripped. Push back against the cushion while elevating the knees towards the chest in order to curl up the abs. Lower the knees back down. Three sets of this exercise needs to be done to successfully burn belly fat fast.