Top 3 Exercises that Burn Stomach Fat

Most people have problems maintaining or achieving a flat stomach. With the right kind of exercises however, you should be able to burn stomach fat at a much faster rate. Below are a few examples.


Do the plank.

Plank leg lifts are one of the most effective exercises that specifically target the belly area. This form of exercise focuses on the deepest layer of abdominal muscle. This is done by applying dynamic tension and making use of your entire body weight for resistance.

Step 1: Lie on your stomach and put your hands under your shoulders.

Step 2: Push your body up until only your palms and the balls of your feet are on the ground.

Step 3: Depend on your core to stabilize the pelvis and spine forming one straight line. This position can be likened to a push-up.

Step 3: Raise one foot up a few inches from the ground. Slowly lower it down and do the same for the other foot.

Plank leg lifts are effective in burning belly fat because they are meant to target the area where the fat cells are being stored. Unlike other exercises that burn stomach fat, this workout works beyond the superficial muscle on the surface. It can work wonders for losing belly fat using the core.

Do the knee tuck with the stability ball.

Another core work out that help burn belly fat is the knee tuck. To add more challenge to this routine, the use of a stability ball is recommended. It will really give the entire core a much needed workout.

Step 1: Kneel in front of the stability ball.

Step 2: Cover the ball with your torso and walk forward with your hands. Do so until the ball is placed under your ankles.

Step 3: Crunch the abs and place your knees to your chest.

Step 4: Roll the ball that is under your ankles and extend your legs back.

The way you tuck your knees in this exercise sends the lower abs to a fiery workout. It is a little of a challenge but the results can be enormous.

Do the reverse supine crunch.

This is another set of exercise that is meant to give the lower abdomen an intense workout. It is performed via a series of leg lifting.

Step 1: Lie down and place your hands under your tailbone for lower back support.

Step 2: Bend your knees at a 90 degree angle first then extend your legs straight.

Step 3: Use your abs and core to raise the legs up as if you are pushing the sky with them.

Step 4: Raise your hips a couple of inches from the ground as you do the leg lifting.

Step 5: Hold the position for a few counts and release slowly.

There are other workout routines that can help you burn stomach fat. But you can use these exercises for starters. As you motivate yourself to work harder, you also move inches toward your belly fat loss goal.