Simple Diet to Lose Belly Fat

The most dangerous form of fat is the visceral fat which, unfortunately, stays in the abdominal area. It is also the first to develop when you don’t burn calories immediately. Women have the tendency to get fat faster than men. Women have different body chemistry than men that, with a slightest act of self-sabotage, can stimulate that fat building hormone which stays in the gut.

For some reason, people who are trying different diet to lose belly fat think that there is a quick fix for it. They dive into bad dieting that only worsens their belly fat problem. It is possible to get rid of belly fat completely. It will require a focused effort and discipline—which is not that easy. Getting rid of belly fat and any other kinds of fat is 80% healthy diet. If you want to lose those fats for good, you need to take a close watch on what you intake. As the saying goes, “you are what you eat”.

There’s a simple diet plan which can actually trim down those excess fat in a short span of time. Here’s a simple diet to lose belly fat for good:


  1. Go organic

You would want to drop all the processed foods. Those will not do you any good. Instead, go organic. Choose the foods that are not genetically modified, or any food that has been injected with chemicals. You would not want all those chemicals in your body.


Eat a lot of greens such as broccoli and kale. Snack on fruits especially the berries. It does not only reduce your caloric intake, it also makes you smarter.


  1. Eat breakfast.

Studies show that eating breakfast helps lower bad cholesterol and helps keep your insulin levels balanced. The cliché “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is not coined for no reason.


  1. Limit your liquor intake.

One to two glasses during weekends won’t hurt—drinking in excess will. Alcohol is digested as sugar, and sugar turns into fat. Instead, drink plenty of water. You will be surprised just how much wonders water can make for your body.


  1. Tea is better than coffee

There are various kinds of tea that help lower bad cholesterol. One of them is dandelion root tea. Drinking green tea after meals will also help you improve your metabolism and get rid of the excessive fat.


  1. Take a lot of Vitamin C

Believe it or not, vitamin C can do an amazing job in cutting all those fats. One of the biggest factors in fat building is stress. When we’re stressed up, our bodies produce a fat stimulating hormone called cortisol. Vitamin C can help build a fat burning compound called carnitine.


Don’t rely on dieting alone. It is always effective when you accompany dieting with intense workouts.  It strengthens you and burns your fats more efficiently. If you want to try other diet to lose belly fats, choose those types that won’t have you starved. It is only guaranteed to worsen your belly fat problem.