Quick Tips on How to Lose Belly Fat in a Week

Is it possible to get a flat abdomen in a week? This is not impossible for as long as you stay focused and serious in reaching your goal. You must start by looking for ways on how to lose belly fat in a week. When you are done with your research, you must not think twice in doing the steps in order to make this happen.


Your determination is the key on how to lose belly fat in a week. To keep you focused on your target, you have to promise yourself a reward if you will be successful in getting this done. This way, your mind will have something to hold on to when your body seems to be giving up. This can be in the form of material gift. You can allot a budget to buy something that you have long been wanting to own, but you must only proceed in buying such if, at the end of the week, you have succeeded in losing your belly fat.

Aside from the reward, you can also list out a punishment when you did not meet your goal even after dedicating your time on the steps on how to lose belly fat in a week. You can choose to sacrifice your most favorite things or activities as your punishment. For example, you can punish yourself by skipping your favorite TV show for a week or not going online for several days.

You can also buy a dress that will only fit you after you have succeeded with your workout routines. The dress must be something that you badly want to wear or an expensive material that would be a waste if you could not fit into it. As you do your exercises, your focus will be on how to keep your body fit and slim in order to wear the dress comfortably after a week.

The process is going to be easier if you are going to do this along with an exercise partner. You must both have goals and will help in keeping each other motivated as the process goes along. When you do this with a partner, there will be fewer chances that you will skip on your routines or cheat on your diet. There will always be someone to remind you why you are doing this and you will also do the same for them. Choose someone who has the same problem area like you. This way, both of you are going to be engaged in almost the same exercises and the same kind of diet in order to lose your flabs.

Indulging on a circuit training three times a week will help you burn fat while building your muscles. You can prefer to do push-ups, lunges and other full body exercise movements. After each exercise is done, you have to follow it with a minute of jumping rope.

You must also do certain exercises that will target your abdomen at least thrice a week. These routines include leg raises using certain equipment like a captain’s chair or crunches that can be done on the floor or mat. It will also help to do push-ups using your elbows. The latter exercise may be hard at first, but it will be easier as your body learns to adapt to the routine.