Lose Lower Belly Fat Quickly

If you want to lose lower belly fat quickly you will need to understand one very important tip right from the start – stop doing all those sit-ups and crunches! They are effective in building up your abdominal muscles but they won’t burn away the layers of fat. You’ll just make your belly look bigger since the muscles are bigger. You can’t burn off a specific area of fat anyway so you need to concentrate on a full-body fat-burning program that can immediately lose lower belly fat.


Lose Lower Belly Fat: Belly Fat Diet

Your diet should focus on a lower calorie count. As a lot of people know, having too much calories is one of the major causes of body fat. When excess calories aren’t used they eventually get shoved in and are turned to fat. To make sure you don’t keep adding fat to the body you need to cut down on your calorie intake.

However, you do need to eat regularly and often. Eating five times a day is one of the effective ways of losing lower belly fat. This doesn’t mean you will eat a lot – those five meals should be sparse and should only contain the necessary foods such as protein-rich meals and those rich in dietary fiber. Try to eat these small meals slowly.

Lose Lower Belly Fat Tip #2: Drink Water

Water is effective in two ways:

–                      It helps boost metabolism, therefore it turns your body into a fat-burning machine

–                      It flushes out all the unnecessary toxins, fats, and other impurities in the body

You will want to drink eight to ten glasses a day. The trick is to drink a glass before each meal because this will help lower your appetite. You’ll feel full if you drink water before eating and this will reduce the amount of food you eat.

Burst Exercises

If you want to exercise to burn off fat then do them quickly and in short repetitions. These burst exercises can be done for just fifteen minutes, three to five times a day, therefore becoming more effective as you keep on doing them. Good exercises to do are squats, bridges/planks, side to side stretches. However, cardio is the real winner here.

Cardio exercises are the most important. The only organ in the human body that directly helps in burning off fat is the heart. That is why you need to focus on cardio burst exercises and meals rich in good cholesterol. You want a healthy heart so take fifteen minutes to jog or walk. If you don’t own a treadmill then take some time to climb up and down the stairs, make it a habit to walk 10,000 steps a day (use a pedometer), or do several repetitions of jumping jacks.

Put It All Together

Good amount of water, well distributed small meals rich with health foods, and the right mix of burst exercises are the key to lose lower belly fat. It’s a full-body routine because no amount of exercises or diet will target a specific portion of fat. However, it is very often that belly fat is the first to go since it is the softest area, therefore the fat there becomes easier for the body to burn and flush away.