Learn How to Easily Lose Belly Fat at Home

You might have done everything like taking pills, buying exercise machines, and extreme dieting just to lose weight but to no avail – you still have the unsightly fat especially around your stomach. Do not be dismayed because there are still things that you can do that are far more effective and you can easily lose belly fat at home.


The stomach area is the first body part that exhibits signs of obesity or weight gain but is the last one and most problematic area when it comes to losing those excess pounds. The best way to lose that excess tummy fat is to not depend on pills and exercise machines that only have false promises.

Fat can only be burned and there are no magic tools and magic exercise routines that can make you lose weight immediately. You lose weight and excess fat by cardiovascular exercises because these activities target your large muscle groups to make you burn fat faster.

You don’t need to go to the gym just to get your cardio training exercises. You can lose belly fat at home. The simple things that you do at home or even at the office can be good cardio workouts. Bet you didn’t know that power walking or jogging are excellent cardio routines. You can also take up cycling. Just doing these activities around your neighborhood daily even for an hour or 30 minutes can do wonders.

What other exercises can you do at home that will help you lose that stubborn belly fat? Simple weight training is a must. You can buy light weight dumbbells to incorporate to your routines. Swimming is also a good cardio workout so if you have a pool in your home, take advantage of it and go for a dip in the pool everyday even for just less than an hour.

You can do simple crunches – but you have to be informed that crunches alone do not trim down your waistline. Crunches actually help tone and strengthen the muscles in the abdomen thus eliminating fat deposits.

Another effective workout routine is doing intervals or combination exercises. These are high intensity routines combined with lower intensity workouts. You can start with a 5-minute warm up that includes stretching. After which you can do sprints for at least 2 minutes and then slow it down a bit by simply jogging or running at a slower pace. After that you can go back to sprinting again for another 2 minutes before ending with slower running pace for 5 minutes. Don’t forget to end your routines with simple stretching exercises.

Aside from regular workouts, you have to watch what you eat. Keep junk foods, fast foods, and processed foods out of your daily diet. Snack on fruits instead. They make great desserts too. Add more vegetables to your daily menu plan, cut down on red meat and use lean meat instead, plus get your carbohydrate supply from wheat, whole grains, and oats.

Drink more water and fresh fruit juice and stay away from alcoholic beverages and beers.


Lose belly fat at home with these helpful tips.