Four Keys In Getting Rid of Belly Fat

Getting rid of belly fat has been one of the goals of the majority when it comes to getting fit physically. Because of its growing popularity, a lot of methods have been made available for this purpose nowadays. In fact, the process of choosing which one to use has become a really challenging task. What others may not know is that no matter which method or medication they choose, there are actually four essential keys that make the formula of burning off the unwanted belly fats. They are proper diet, regular exercise, sufficient sleep, and stress management.


1. Proper Diet

There is certainly no magic eating plan that can melt away belly fat directly. However, when a specific diet is successful in shedding a person’s weight, it is expected that the belly fat gets shed first.

According to a research by Hairston, taking in foods that are rich in fiber may help. In the study, the subjects who consume ten grams of dissolvable fiber on a daily basing without making any changes in their diet, accumulate lesser amount of visceral fat in the long run than others. This can be done by eating a cup of green peas and a couple of small apples.

2. Regular Exercise

Strenuous exercise can greatly help in getting rid of belly fat, and even the visceral fat. It could also lessen the pace of the accumulation of visceral fat that is likely to occur over time. Yet, ignore the spot-reducing. There are certainly not any steps that can be done that exclusively focus on visceral fat.

Ideally, thirty minutes of energetic cardiovascular exercise must be performed four times in a week. Those who are already physically fit may do jogging. Others who do not prefer actually jogging can do brisk walking on a treadmill. According to Cris Slentz, PhD, a researcher at Duke, strenuous workout routines on non moving bikes, elliptical exerciser or rowing equipment are efficient as well.

Eliminating belly fat can also be helped by moderate activities that can bring up the heart rate for half an hour at least thrice per week. Suggested activities include  Zumba, soccer, and even raking leaves.

Those who are presently living a sedentary lifestyle may consult first a health expert prior to engaging in vigorous activities.

3. Sufficient Sleep

Others may believe otherwise, but sufficient amount of sleep actually contributes in attaining a slimmer body. A study demonstrates that those who were able to sleep 6 to 7 hours every night gained lesser amount of fat over the years than those who underslept and overslept.

4. Stress Management

People may have no control over the things that could trigger stress, but how they react and manage stress actually matters. It is already known that quite a number of people seem to have bigger appetite when they are stressed. What is worse is that they even choose the wrong foods to eat. When chronic stress comes about, it can be a real tough concern. Hence, in effectively getting rid of belly fat, they must seek support from their trusted family and friends. Counseling for stress management is also a brilliant idea.